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Weed to Wonder Fuel? Jatropha Draws Biofuel Investors — and Questions

Apr 13 , 2010
The Plants Can Grow on Marginal Land, But Will Marginal Land Be Used?

What L.A. Could Learn from Ontario as It Stumbles Toward a Solar Feed-In Tariff

Apr 12 , 2010
Current Los Angeles Proposals Won't Attract Enough Installations, Report Finds

U.S. Wind Industry Bullish on Offshore Potential, but Breakthrough Needed

Apr 8 , 2010
12 Projects In Development, But First Offshore Turbine Has Yet to Spin

Cities Push Back as EPA Begins Study of Fracking's Impact on Water

Apr 7 , 2010
Philadelphia Moved to Ban Fracking in Its Watershed, Pittsburgh Sees Problems

Study: Ethanol Mandate Creates 10% Chance of a Corn Price Spike

Apr 6 , 2010
Bad Weather + Biofuel Demand Could Rapidly Double Prices

Offshore Drilling Move Muddies Obama’s Relationship to Oil and Gas

Mar 31 , 2010
While Millions of Acres Could Be Opened to Drilling, EPA Is Tightening Regulations

Athabasca South? Activity Hints at Tar Sands Development in Utah

Mar 30 , 2010
One Company Hopes to Produce 2,000 Barrels a Day by 2011