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Developing World Sees Wealth in Biofuel Production

Mar 29 , 2010
Angola, Malaysia Pass Biofuel-Friendly Laws, Even As EU Backtracks

China, Germany Lead the Race Toward a Low-Carbon Economy

Mar 25 , 2010
Without National Policies, U.S. Will Lag Behind in a Growing Industry

Coal Industry Well Positioned for Climate Bill Battle

Mar 23 , 2010
Acquiescence on the Left, Pressure from the Right Shape Climate Bills

Airlines Could Be Flying on Biofuel Within 5 Years

Mar 18 , 2010
Industry Hopes for Significant Market Share For Algae and Jatropha by Mid-Decade

Nuclear Waste Disposal: Exit Yucca Mountain, Enter Illinois?

Mar 18 , 2010
Storage Options Limited as National Geologic Repository Is Withdrawn

Ocean Fertilization Could Produce Toxic Effects Up the Food Chain

Mar 16 , 2010
Study undercores unforeseen effects of geoengineered solutions to CO2 pollution

More Than One Way to Limit Greenhouse Gases: EPA Looks at the Clean Water Act

Mar 16 , 2010
Ocean Acidification Lawsuit Opens Another Potential Avenue for Action

Outsourced Emissions: Counting Imports Jacks Up U.S., European Greenhouse Gas Totals

Mar 11 , 2010
China Exports Nearly a Quarter of Its Emissions; U.S. Imports More Than 10%