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Elizabeth Douglass

Elizabeth Douglass writes about energy for InsideClimate News. She worked for more than two decades as a business writer at daily newspapers, including a ten-year stint at the Los Angeles Times, where she spent the last half of her tenure covering energy. Her stories followed developments in the oil market, alternative fuels, and renewable energy, and exposed long-running performance problems at California's San Onofre nuclear power plant. She also chronicled how a power company falsified data to win customer-funded performance bonuses and how oil refiners and others in California created one of the nation’s most profitable fuel markets.

While covering telecommunications, she was the first to report financial sleight-of-hand at fiber network company Global Crossing, and uncovered Pacific Bell's boiler room-style sale of add-on features. At the San Diego Union-Tribune, she co-wrote an investigative series on government contractor Science Applications International Corp. that was a finalist for the 1996 Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism.

She holds bachelor's and master's degrees from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.

You can reach her by email at elizabeth.douglass@insideclimatenews.org


A Guide to the Lima Climate Change Talks

Dec 6 , 2014
The most crucial battles in the fight against climate change are unfolding now in Lima, Peru.

The Climate-Change Finance Gap at a Glance

Nov 28 , 2014
Graphic shows how current climate fund pledges for poor nations stack up to what's needed.

Situation 'Grave' for Global Climate Financing, Report Warns

Nov 25 , 2014
Current spending remains 'far below even the most conservative estimates' of what's needed to curb and adapt to climate change, study finds.

Pipeline Alert From Federal Regulator Is First of Its Kind

Nov 17 , 2014
Reversing oil and gas pipelines or changing the product they're carrying can have a 'significant impact' on the line's safety and integrity.

Climate Action Pledged by U.S and China, but What About India?

Nov 13 , 2014
'We cannot make the same commitment [to tackling climate change], or even a similar one.'

Ahead of Global Talks, All Eyes on U.S. Contribution to Climate Fund

Nov 10 , 2014
'It's like dominos. This is the first domino, and in order to get everything to fall in the right place, you have to start here.'

Exxon Fighting to Keep Public From Seeing 900,000 Pages of Documents in Oil Spill Lawsuit

Oct 31 , 2014
Unprecedented secrecy in a class action suit that is seeking to determine if oil giant was negligent in upkeep of burst pipeline.

Oil-Price Plunge Gives New Ammo to Divestment Activists

Oct 28 , 2014
'There's definitely going to be less money flowing into [oil stocks] than we've seen in the last couple years,' says Phil Flynn, senior oil analyst.