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Katherine Bagley

Katherine Bagley is a reporter for InsideClimate News who covers the intersection of environmental science and politics and policy, with an emphasis on climate change. Her print and multimedia work has appeared in Popular Science, OnEarth, YouBeauty.com, Audubon, The Scientist and Science Illustrated, among others. She holds master's degrees in journalism and earth and environmental sciences from Columbia University.

You can reach her by email at katherine.bagley@insideclimatenews.org.


Does Walmart Have a Dirty Energy Secret?

Nov 20 , 2014
The amount of energy Walmart gets from renewables has decreased from 4 percent to 3 percent, a new study finds.

Texas Textbook War: Decision Near in Climate Science Dispute

Nov 20 , 2014
Education groups pressure publishers to rid textbooks of inaccuracies and distortions, but the Texas Board of Education could still require them.

Finalized Behind Closed Doors, Illinois Fracking Regs Face Further Challenge

Nov 12 , 2014
'I think in many ways the battle is about to get a lot worse,' says one environmental leader.

Environmentalists Mostly Counting Election Losses Despite $85 Million Outlay

Nov 5 , 2014
'It was hard to swallow seeing a lot of our friends and strong climate champions lose their races.'

Climate Hawk Gives Unbeatable Fred Upton a Run for His Oil Industry Money

Nov 3 , 2014
'It is now possible, if not likely, that this could be one of the biggest surprises coming out of the Midwestern congressional races.'

NPR Reduces Its Environment Team to One Reporter

Oct 24 , 2014
NPR says move to shift reporters off the environment beat was driven by an interest to cover other fields more in depth.

In Key Midterm Races, Democrats Sound Like Republicans on Climate Issue

Oct 21 , 2014
For Democrats 'the pressure to stop climate action comes almost entirely from oil and gas interests that play a role in their states' economies.'

5 Lose-Lose Senate Races for Climate Advocates

Oct 21 , 2014
In several critical midterm races Democratic candidates' stated climate change beliefs echo their Republican opponents'.