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Katherine Bagley

Katherine Bagley is a reporter for InsideClimate News who covers the intersection of environmental science and politics and policy, with an emphasis on climate change. Her print and multimedia work has appeared in Popular Science, OnEarth, YouBeauty.com, Audubon, The Scientist and Science Illustrated, among others. She holds master's degrees in journalism and earth and environmental sciences from Columbia University.

You can reach her by email at katherine.bagley@insideclimatenews.org.


Both Sides in Climate War Blamed for Cherry-Picking Attribution Research

May 14 , 2013
Experts say scientists' efforts to determine whether weather events are caused by global warming is being mishandled by both sides of the climate divide.

All Eyes on Keeling Curve: Scientists Anxious as CO2 Levels to Cross 400 PPM

Apr 30 , 2013
'Stronger storms, droughts, rising seas. We are already seeing the impacts of increased CO2 in the atmosphere ... How much further can we really go?'

One Month After Exxon’s Arkansas Oil Spill, Still No Answers to Basic Questions

Apr 29 , 2013
When was the leak first detected, by whom, and how long had it been going on? Answers are crucial to the national debate over Keystone and pipeline safety.

Ark. Oil Spill Probe Falls to Understaffed Agency With Close Industry Ties

Apr 22 , 2013
Underfunded agency faces the challenge of finding answers to key questions: When did Exxon's pipeline rupture and when did the company learn of the spill?

Exxon Didn't Know Its Pipeline Ruptured Until Called by Arkansas Authorities. Or Did It?

Apr 11 , 2013
Police transcripts show Exxon employees arrived on the scene an hour after the emergency was first reported by a resident dialing 911.

Exxon Oil Spill Cleanup in Path of Severe Weather, Maybe a Tornado

Apr 9 , 2013
As the weather turns nasty, Exxon spent part of Tuesday deploying additional boom to prevent oil from moving further towards the main body of Lake Conway.

Climate Hawks Go on Offense Against Skeptics, but Impact Uncertain

Apr 2 , 2013
With momentum building for U.S. climate policy, activists are going on the offensive against powerful skeptic interests. Will their efforts have an effect?

With Drought Season Off to a Bad Start, Scientists Forecast Another Bleak Year

Mar 28 , 2013
Current climate-induced drought is slipping into a trend that scientists say resembles some of the worst droughts in U.S. history, like the Dust Bowl.