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Lisa Song

Lisa Song joined InsideClimate News in January 2011, where she reports on oil sands, pipeline safety and natural gas drilling. She helped write "The Dilbit Disaster" series, which won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting, was a finalist in the 2012 Scripps Howard Awards for Environmental Reporting and won an honorable mention in the 2012 John B. Oakes Award for Distinguished Environmental Journalism. She previously worked as a freelancer, contributing to High Country News, Scientific American and New Scientist. Song has degrees in environmental science and science writing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

You can reach her by email at lisa.song@insideclimatenews.org.


10 Years Into the Fracking Boom, Wildlife Effects Still Unknown

Aug 12 , 2014
New paper finds that the crucial studies on the biological effects of shale production have not yet been done. 'The basic data is missing.'

A Public Wiki Shines Light on North America's 4 Million Oil & Gas Wells

Jul 30 , 2014
'We're not doing anything the regulators can't do themselves if they were so inclined,' says the founder of WellWiki.

Families Sick From Fracking Exposure Turn to Concerned Scientists

Jul 22 , 2014
Instead of waiting years for studies, Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project is using best available science to help people with ailments.

'Saltwater' From North Dakota Fracking Spill Is Not What's Found in the Ocean

Jul 16 , 2014
The salty drilling waste is said to contain heavy metals in concentrations that might not meet drinking water standards, as well as radioactive material.

In Rare Effort, Ohio Scientist to Test Water Before Fracking Soars

Jul 8 , 2014
Baseline tests offer a template for other fracking communities worried about how drilling might contaminate groundwater supplies.

What Shale Gas Drilling Looks Like Up Close

Jul 2 , 2014
13 slides that give a rare glimpse (and explanation) of a complex industrial process that's changing America's energy landscape and people's lives.

Q&A: Top Pipeline Safety Advocate on His 15-Year 'Bambi vs. Godzilla' Fight

Jun 24 , 2014
'We’re really the only national group that focuses on pipeline safety. So how does Bambi stay alive in that environment?'

Expiration of South Dakota Keystone Permit Another Hurdle for TransCanada

Jun 17 , 2014
New permit application might trigger a new comment period and hearing—opening yet another front in the pipeline fight.