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Lisa Song

Lisa Song joined InsideClimate News in January 2011, where she reports on oil sands, pipeline safety and natural gas drilling. She helped write "The Dilbit Disaster" series, which won the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting, was a finalist in the 2012 Scripps Howard Awards for Environmental Reporting and won an honorable mention in the 2012 John B. Oakes Award for Distinguished Environmental Journalism. She previously worked as a freelancer, contributing to High Country News, Scientific American and New Scientist. Song has degrees in environmental science and science writing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

You can reach her by email at lisa.song@insideclimatenews.org.


Methane Leaks From Gas Pipelines Far Exceed Official Estimates, Harvard Study Finds

Jan 28 , 2015
Boston-area infrastructure loses 2-3 times more gas than state authorities say, adding to evidence of downstream systems' role in greenhouse emissions.

Fracking's Methane Leakage To Be Focus of Many Studies This Year

Jan 7 , 2015
Series of studies under way to help clarify natural gas's overall impact on climate change.

2014 Was The Year Attention Turned to Fracking's Air Pollution

Dec 30 , 2014
New science and media coverage highlight air pollution from fracking, long overshadowed by concerns over water contamination.

Leaked Transcript Gives Oil Lobbyist Taste of His Own Medicine

Nov 4 , 2014
Richard Berman promised Western Energy Alliance members 'total anonymity' in an 'offensive' campaign to discredit environmental groups.

Public Trust in Pennsylvania Regulators Erodes Further Over Flawed Fracking Study

Oct 23 , 2014
Raw data showing high concentrations of certain polllutants at gas operations and health risks of 25 chemicals were left out of the state's studies.

Will Obama Heed the Science? A Primer on the Coming Ozone Rule

Oct 15 , 2014
Overwhelming evidence says high ozone levels cause health problems, including aggravated asthma, bronchitis, heart attacks and premature death.

Scientists to Explain 'Climate at Your Doorstep' at New Online Hub

Sep 30 , 2014
The effort is one of many recent climate communication projects to try to deepen public understanding of the climate crisis amid political inaction.

First Official Crowd Count at 310,000+, Say Event Organizers

Sep 21 , 2014
If the estimate is correct, that would make it the largest climate march in history.