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The masthead editors at the New York Times took the decision today to discontinue its Green Blog and reassigned Nancy Kenney, the deputy environment editor, who was running it, to the culture desk.

InsideClimate News received the following email from Ms. Kenney:

"Dear Friends and Contributors,

Masthead editors at The Times informed me around noon today that they plan to discontinue the Green blog and devote resources elsewhere.

Sandy Keenan (former environment editor) and I are deeply grateful to you for your engrossing contributions and support over the last three years.  Our deepest thanks to all of you. I will be following up with individual e-mails as best I can; I apologize for the abruptness here.

On Monday, I will begin a new editing assignment on the Times culture desk and will be reachable at the same e-mail address."

In January the newspaper dismantled its environment desk, eliminating the positions of its two environment editors and dispersing its seven reporters around the newsroom.


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