November 16, 2015

Connecticut State Govn't Falls Behind on Solar Uptake

Across Connecticut state government's more than 3,000 buildings, only a handful of state park toilets, ticket booths and lighting fixtures have gone solar.

State Rep. Lonnie Reed, co-chair of the legislature's Energy and Technology Committee, told the Hartford Courant there have been multiple proposals to embrace renewable energy at state facilities. "But when the rubber meets the road, it doesn't happen," said Reed.

November 13, 2015

Animal Poo Fuels a French Zoo's Biogas Unit

Thanks to new biogas unit, France's Beauval Zoo is going green with the help of its animal residents—and their poop. The zoo's grey African elephant, for example, provides 100 kilograms of excrement a day that gets used as fuel for the plant.

November 12, 2015

Major Wind Farm Proposed Offshore of Martha's Vineyard, Again

Less than a year after the controversial Cape Wind project suffered financial issues, Denmark-based DONG Energy A/S is proposing an even bigger wind farm offshore of Martha's Vineyard.

This new project includes up to 100 giant wind turbines, would generate as much as 1,000 megawatts of electricity, and, in contrast to Cape Wind, it would be sighted farther out at sea in an effort to sidestep opposition from oceanfront homeowner worried about losing their view.

Nigeria's First Major Solar Plant Moves Forward

Access Infra Africa, a developer, and Quaint Global Energy Solutions, an asset management firm, have committed a total of $100 million to develop Nigeria's first major solar array. 

"We see this project as a gateway to the widespread adoption of renewable energy in Africa's largest economy, whilst cementing the role of ACF as an innovative platform for turning good concepts into bankable projects," Reda El Chaar from Access Infra Africa at the project's recent signing ceremony, according to PV Tech.

November 11, 2015

U.K. Energy Secretary: "We Don't Have the Right Policies" on Renewables

Energy Secretary Amber Rudd confirmed the United Kingdom is projected to fall short of its 2020 renewable energy target, as revealed in a recently leaked letter.

"It's my aim we should meet the 2020 target. I recognize we don't have the right policies, particularly in transport and heat, but we have four to five years and I remain committed to making the target," said Rudd.

Community Solar Catches On in Michigan

At least three utilities in Michigan have announced community solar programs over the last year, and more are expected to follow.

"It's my hope that as people have figured out how to make these solar projects work that we continue to repeat the projects on a shorter timeframe to get off the ground," John Kinch, head of Michigan Energy Options, said to Midwest Energy News.

November 10, 2015

I.E.A: Shift to Low-Carbon Economy Needs to Be Faster

The transition to a low-carbon economy is occurring too slow to prevent catastrophic warning and low oil prices are exacerbating the problem, according to a new report by the International Energy Agency.

"Now is not the time to relax," Fatih Birol, the agency's executive director, said in a statement.

Leaked Letter Shows U.K. Expected to Miss Renewables Target

A leaked letter reveals the United Kingdom is expected to miss its target of securing 15 percent of energy from renewable sources by 2020. Despite projections by the country's energy department showing the country will only reach 11.5 percent of its energy from green sources, "publicly we are clear that the U.K. continues to make progress to meet the target," wrote energy secretary Amber Rudd in the letter.

Louisiana Sen. David Vitter Wants to End Tax Credits for Solar

Sen. David Vitter, who is running for governor in Louisiana, recently came out against solar tax credits on a radio interview last week.

"We have some tax credits that are really giveaways and spending items by another name. For instance, the solar tax credit. That's a check from the taxpayers for folks to buy solar panels," said Vitter. Louisiana has already committed to phasing out solar tax credits by the end of 2017.

November 9, 2015

When Renewable Energy Meets Public Art

A new initiative founded by two Pittsburgh-based artists seeks to design public art structures that double as renewable energy generators. Called the Land Art Generator Initiative, the organization has already launched a competition in search of new designs.

November 6, 2015

Report: Eight Major Economies to Collectively Double Renewables by 2030

Eight of the world's 10 largest greenhouse gas emitters will collectively more than double their renewable energy production by 2030, according to a new report by World Resources Institute.

"Combined with the Paris climate agreement, it's clear that renewable energy is poised to surge forward in the next 15 years bringing clean and affordable power to millions of people worldwide," said WRI's Jennifer Morgan.

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