Avon Patch

The recently adopted Comprehensive Energy Management Plan for Avon, Conn., features many action items and objectives designed to reduce the energy usage of town and education buildings and vehicles as well as reduce the overall carbon footprint of the municipal government. A product of several years work by the Avon Clean Energy Commission (ACEC), the implementation of the plan is the reponsibility of the town council and departments.

Formed in 2008, the ACEC serves as an advisory board to the town council. The overall plan consists of four action plans in line with the following goals: promoting town wide energy education, reducing building energy use by 15%, reducing non-building energy use including the vehicle fleet and outdoor lighting, and reducing the town's carbon footprint by 20%.

Using funds made available by the State of Connecticut ARRA Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant, the town made use of the services of Peregrine Energy Group, a consulting firm from Boston to conduct an energy use assessment to establish a baseline rate of consumption. The year 2008 was chosen for the baseline year, and short and long term goals will be measured against the baseline.

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