Environmental Leader

Simon Group along with partners Toshiba Corp., Duke Energy, Itochu Corp., and Tom Wood Automotive Group has unveiled an advanced vehicle charging station, with solar panels and a battery – the first such installation to emerge from a regional project.

The installation, which is located at Clay Terrace in Carmel, Ind., contains both traditional and quick-charge stations that are connected to a 10 kW roof-mounted solar panel. The solar energy can be stored in the Toshiba 75 kW lithium ion battery, which helps to supply power in the evenings and on cloudy days.

The charging system is currently available to customers at no cost.

Toshiba developed its part of the plug-in system by combining existing micro-energy management system capabilities with its latest rechargeable battery technology. Toshiba designed its portion to efficiently manage the energy load within the EV charging system, which is connected the power grid operated by Duke Energy.

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