Huffington Post

Leaving what he called "the best job I've ever had," Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood took some parting shots at lawmakers, mainly his fellow Republicans, for lacking a vision on infrastructure proportional to current demands.

LaHood, who announced on Tuesday that he would be leaving his post in one month's time, made several bold predictions in an exit interview with The Huffington Post. Everyone, he argued, would own either a hybrid or a battery-powered vehicle by 2025, owing to new fuel efficiency standards; renewable energy would be a predominant fuel component for most forms of transportation; and infrastructure investment would become a second term policy priority for Congress along the lines of immigration reform.

"I hope that ... elections make a difference," said LaHood. "The president has spent four years talking about infrastructure. Every speech that he gives about putting America to work, he talks about infrastructure. And I hope that since the election, people come to realize that if you really want to get America back to work and put people to work, you have to make investments in infrastructure."

LaHood offered a few political observations as well, arguing that members of Congress needed to understand the risks they were taking by underfunding the country's infrastructure future.

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