Burlington Free Press

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is urging the state to reject a proposed moratorium on wind energy projects, saying such a move would provide ammunition for those determined to prevent national action to address global warming.

“The day after a moratorium was passed, the fossil fuel industry would be advertising all over the country that even in progressive Vermont, environmentally conscious Vermont, they don’t want to go fast on sustainable energy, they don’t really believe that global warming is quite the threat that some people are saying,” Sanders said. “That would be a terrible message.”

He cited scientific papers and a new federal report linking climate change to floods such as Tropical Storm Irene and predicting more devastating, warming-driven weather in the future.

The senator said he plans soon to introduce sweeping federal legislation to attack the causes of climate change. It will include a tax on major fossil-fuel-burning emitters of greenhouse gases, and big public investments in clean energy sources.


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