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Lame Duck Effort to Stall Clean Air Act Is Quietly Quacking

Bill's sponsor Jay Rockefeller fears that Republicans could gut the entire tenor of his proposal if it were introduced next year

Nov 17, 2010
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What rankles NRDC’s Matzner and other environmental advocates is that legislators such as Rockefeller and Murkowski insist on differentiating greenhouse gases by the source that emits them.

“It’s a totally faulty argument,” Matzner emphasized about the contradiction. “The life-threatening pollution that comes out of tailpipes is the same as that coming out of smokestacks.”

Although early on, industry and government officials acted like “Chicken Little” when talk turned to scrubbing pollutants from tailpipes, he said, those efforts eventually were hailed as sensible.

Now, he said, the EPA is following an equally reasonable path forward with power plants and other big emitters.

“We need to lift the veil on (Rockefeller’s) argument,” Matzner concluded, adding that the senator is clearly trying to protect the fossil fuels industry. “The EPA has a 40-year track record of delivering.

“What they’re offering on stationary sources is a cost-efficient path forward to clean up the air we breathe. Nobody should be against that.”

(Photo: Keith Evans)

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