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New Pipeline Safety Regulations Won't Apply to Keystone XL

Proposed federal rules to strengthen pipeline safety won't be in place before construction could begin on the Keystone XL or other new dilbit pipelines.

By Elizabeth McGowan and Lisa Song, InsideClimate News

Jul 26, 2012
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River closed sign near the Kalamazoo River

PHMSA had started a rulemaking process to tighten leak detection regulations before the pipeline safety bill was passed. But because the legislation requires PHMSA to spend two years researching the subject, the agency won’t be able to issue a final rule until 2014.

"It basically stopped new [leak detection] regulations from coming from PHMSA for at least two years," Swift said. "Given the context of 2011, that's very unfortunate because national attention was on pipeline safety and the need for stronger regulations."


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