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Oil and Gas Companies Lag Far Behind Other Firms on Emissions Cuts

Eight of the 11 domestic energy companies on the Fortune 100 haven't set greenhouse gas reduction or renewable energy goals, a report finds.

Jan 3, 2013
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Valero is one of the U.S. oil companies that hasn't set internal greenhouse gas

A similar standard has been proposed for 11 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. But the effort hasn't moved passed the discussion stage.

Setting a national price on carbon through a carbon tax or cap-and-trade program also could work, Logan said, by raising the cost of carbon-intensive fuels and forcing companies to rethink their production models.

A federal government requirement that a certain percentage of electricity come from renewable sources, tax incentives for wind and solar production, and power purchase agreements that allow for long-term renewable contracts and on-site generation could also encourage companies to set internal targets.

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