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Mass. Lawmakers Propose a $5 Billion Pension Fund Cleansing

Two bills are aiming to divest the state's $62 billion public pension fund of all its coal, oil and gas holdings.

Jun 11, 2015

BOSTON­­­––It's not getting the fanfare of a less-ambitious California bill, but Massachusetts is in the midst of an even bolder divestment push, calling for the state's pension funds to completely rid themselves of fossil fuel investments.

Willie Soon's Fossil Fuel-Funded Work Draws Ethics Review From Publisher

Journal publisher Elsevier has launched an investigation over the scientist's missing disclosure of funding sources.

Jun 10, 2015

A journal publisher that distributed studies written by a climate skeptic whose work was financed by fossil fuel interests has launched an ethics investigation over undisclosed funding.

The investigation by Elsevier, a global network of scientific journals, was prompted by documents showing that Harvard-Smithsonian scientist Willie Soon failed to disclose industry funding in 11 studies published by nine journals.

Scientists Band Together, Urge Canada to Stop Tar Sands Expansion

In a rare, large consensus, more than 100 scientists unite to say expanding tar sands will be catastrophic for the climate and environment.

Jun 10, 2015

More than 100 North American scientists released a consensus statement on Wednesday concluding that mining in Canada's tar sands region is destroying the local environment, endangering the rights of indigenous groups and threatening the world's ability to fight climate change—and urging Canadian leaders to curtail their development.

EPA Clean Power Plan Dodges Court Challenge—For Now

A Court of Appeals Panel rejected a gambit by Murray Coal to pre-empt the regulations before they are made final.

Jun 9, 2015

The Environmental Protection Agency won an easy, early victory in federal court on Tuesday over coal industry challenges to its forthcoming Clean Power Plan. The struggle over regulating carbon and other pollution from fossil-fuel power plants, however, will continue.

Enbridge Reaches First Settlement With Justice Dept Over 2010 Oil Spill

The $4 million settlement does not resolve any possible penalties in connection with the federal Clean Water Act.

Jun 9, 2015

Enbridge Inc. has reached another settlement in connection with its massive oil pipeline spill into Michigan's Kalamazoo River five years ago. The Canadian company will pay nearly $4 million to fund several restoration projects as a part of an agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice's Environment and Natural Resources Division.

Weeks After Texas Oil Well Explosion, Families Still Can't Go Home

Three weeks after well explosion, families are still waiting and worrying as Canadian oil company Encana decontaminates their homes in Karnes County.

Jun 9, 2015

Several families remain displaced three weeks after an oil well exploded in Karnes County, Texas, and the true extent of the contamination is unknown.

More than a dozen households were evacuated after the well blowout in mid-May. As of Monday, five families were unable to return home because their houses are being decontaminated, said Doug Hock, a spokesman for Encana, the Canadian company that owns the well.

Exxon's Gamble: 25 Years of Rejecting Shareholder Concerns on Climate Change

Refusing to act on climate resolutions could become a costly mistake, and invite the kind of legal onslaught that cost tobacco companies billions.

Jun 8, 2015

Editor's note: This is the first of several articles on American oil companies and whether their track records on shareholder resolutions on climate change expose them to legal liabilities.

These stories also launch ICN's Climate Accountability Project, which investigates the people, companies and other groups most responsible for opposing or delaying action on climate change.

At ExxonMobil, the answer is still no.

Exxon's 25 Years of 'No:' A Timeline of Resolutions on Climate Change

A narrative chronology and detailed spreadsheet examine Exxon's consistent refusal to support dozens of shareholder climate resolutions since 1990.

Jun 7, 2015

Editor's note: This is the second of several articles on American oil companies and whether their track records on shareholder resolutions on climate change expose them to legal liabilities. Read the first story.

InsideClimate News reviewed 25 years' worth of shareholder proposals at the three largest U.S. oil companies—ExxonMobil, Chevron and ConocoPhillips—to see how they responded to investor concerns about climate change. 

Fracking Has Contaminated Drinking Water, EPA Now Concludes

The acknowledgment of instances of fracking-related water contamination marks a notable reversal for the Obama administration.

Jun 5, 2015

After years of asserting that hydraulic fracturing has never tainted drinking water, the Obama administration issued a long-awaited study of the controversial oil and gas production technique that confirmed "specific instances" when fracking "led to impacts on drinking water resources, including contamination of drinking water wells."

Fracking Returns, but Denton Vows to Keep Fighting

After their local ban is overturned by a Texas law, anti-fracking residents are angry. 'What will the next thing be that will be taken from us?'

Jun 5, 2015

Two weeks after Denton's fracking ban was rendered illegal by a sweeping new state law restricting local control of oil-and-gas activities, residents of the north Texas town are frustrated, upset and conflicted about how best to respond.

Emotions were on display at this week's Denton City Council meeting, where more than 30 people weighed in on whether the city should repeal the ban. Following the public's advice, the seven-member council decided against repealing the ban—for now—after more than five hours of testimony and discussion.