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Carbon Emissions

A handful of Canadian oil sands
Many questions but few answers about the substance that would flow through the proposed Keystone XL oil sands pipeline.
The Canadian crude oil that would flow through the Keystone XL pipeline is either the lynchpin of U...
Nov 2, 2011 | Read More
Keystone XL hearing in Atkinson, Neb.
The State Department has lost tens of thousands of submissions and cannot say how the remainder will be handled or will influence the pending decision.
Five weeks ago, Cindy Myers stood in a high school gymnasium before a crowd of 1,000 and said, "...
Nov 1, 2011 | Read More
EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson
EPA has slammed the State Department's earlier draft reviews. Pipeline opponents are counting on the agency to be as tough on the final assessment.
WASHINGTON—Any day now, the EPA will be weighing in with an analysis of the State Department's...
Oct 19, 2011 | Read More
Keystone XL sit-in
Anti-pipeline forces say they will draw a line in the sand refusing to support Obama if he approves Keystone XL. Analysts say this strategy may backfire.
WASHINGTON—To hard-core environmentalists, the Obama administration's upcoming decision on the...
Oct 14, 2011 | Read More
A document filed with Canada's Energy Board appears to cast doubt on claims by Koch Industries that it has no interest in the controversial pipeline.
In recent months Koch Industries Inc., the business conglomerate run by billionaire brothers...
Oct 5, 2011 | Read More
EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson
On the heels of Pres. Obama's decision to scrap smog standards, EPA says it will miss its Sept. 30 deadline to propose greenhouse gas rules for utilities
The Environmental Protection Agency will miss an end-of-month target for proposing greenhouse gas...
Sep 15, 2011 | Read More
Oil pipelines in the field
The Keystone XL would be the first oil pipeline to run through the Nebraska sandhills, a fragile area with few pipelines of any kind
The ecologically sensitive Nebraska sandhills have become a flashpoint in the debate over whether...
Sep 2, 2011 | Read More
Muscatine Coal Plant
Despite new, stricter pollution rules by EPA, the coal industry in Muscatine may get a pass from the agency until new data or models are produced
An Iowa town with the worst air quality in the state is again under EPA scrutiny after years of...
Mar 31, 2011 | Read More
Scientists are hanging heaters over crop fields to simulate temperatures in 2050. Their goal: to understand climate impacts on food and help farmers adapt
Farmers fed up with climate change-induced heat waves, droughts and flooding may one day get to...
Mar 9, 2011 | Read More
An outcrop of methane hydrates, underwater.
The findings underscore how little is understood about the behavior of gases in oceans, as countries launch the first gas hydrate drilling programs
BP's Deepwater Horizon catastrophe is commonly referred to as the Gulf oil spill, but liquid oil...
Mar 3, 2011 | Read More