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Methane leaks from ‘well completions’ were significantly lower than EPA's numbers, but equipment leaks were much higher than expected.
A long-awaited study led by the University of Texas at Austin shows that methane emissions from...
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Environmentalists see EPA's move as part of a systematic disengagement from any research that could be perceived as questioning the safety of drilling.
When the Environmental Protection Agency abruptly retreated on its multimillion-dollar...
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Just six pages long, it is stoking a new moral urgency for climate action and forcing the financial world to reconsider the value of fossil fuel reserves.
It is probably the most influential paper on climate science today. But few outside scientific...
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Amid skepticism from engineers and environmentalists, landowners and drilling company bet on LPG fracking, which uses propane instead of water.
A plan to extract shale gas and oil from 135,000 acres in Tioga County, N.Y., could break through...
04/16/2012 | Read More
300,000 people live within a three-mile radius of the test wells, fracked to reach oil once considered too expensive to extract.
Earlier this year, the oil company Plains Exploration and Production (PXP) blasted water and...
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Authors of new study encourage more low-dose testing of endocrine-disrupting chemicals, with implications for the debate on natural gas drilling.
The higher the dose, the more dangerous the toxin—that principle is the basis for most regulatory...
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Little-noticed drilling technique uses propane gel, not water, to release natural gas. Higher cost, lack of data and industry habit stand in the way.
ALBANY, N.Y.—In the debate over hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, two facts are beyond dispute...
11/06/2011 | Read More
According to environmentalists and residents of affected areas, sand mining processes used in fracking pose a threat to air and water quality.
HOUSTON, Texas—Fracking, the latest craze in the quest to produce oil and gas, has been blamed for...
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Documents and interviews reveal that one Pa. water utility has already leased its watershed to gas drillers — and many others are being courted
Cynthia Walter, an ecologist at St. Vincent College outside Pittsburgh, gets a lot of emails from...
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The NYS Assembly passed a one-year ban on new drilling permits that would run through June 1, 2012, replacing the current ban set to expire this summer
ALBANY, New York—The New York State Assembly on Monday passed a one-year moratorium on hydraulic...
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