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Young people especially, disillusioned by the failure of established institutions to act on climate change, are taking to the streets in growing numbers. They are the reluctant inheritors of potential catastrophes they want to avert.

Climate campaigners question the timing and sincerity of Shell's departure from ALEC over climate concerns, as its fleet drills for Arctic oil.
The American Legislative Exchange Council’s refusal to act on climate change has cost it another...
08/12/2015 | Read More
Brewers like New Belgium who supported an environmental group that has challenged local coal mines are facing a boycott by businesses in Craig, Colo.
The coal business is personal in Craig, a small town in northwest Colorado. It’s so personal,...
08/07/2015 | Read More
In an interview during the 40-hour standoff in Portland, Luke Strandquist describes what it’s like on the front line of standing up to Shell Oil.
Cloaked in early morning darkness, 13 Greenpeace volunteers climbed over the edge of the St. Johns...
07/31/2015 | Read More
A Q&A with Jeremy Leggett about his new book chronicling the 'Carbon War:' 'It feels like a civil war...minus the bullets.'
As 200 countries prepare for a Paris gathering in December in hopes of finalizing a climate treaty...
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After the Pope's much-anticipated document comes out Thursday, turning it into climate action will fall to the vast network of the Catholic church.
When Pope Francis releases his highly anticipated encyclical on global warming Thursday, titled "...
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California PTA adopts resolution on teaching climate science, but its passage nationwide and its impact beyond the state are uncertain.
School districts in California—and perhaps nationwide—will soon feel increased pressure from...
05/19/2015 | Read More
George School in Newtown, after a campaign by students, decides that even a high school can make a statement, joining the divestment movement.
A Pennsylvania high school just made history. George School in Newtown announced April 27 that it...
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Attacks are undermining India's global standing, the stability of its democracy and its role in upcoming climate talks, experts say.
India has recently ramped up attacks on environmental and development organizations that work on...
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A 32-day sit-in by students failed to persuade the school to pull its investments from fossil fuel interests.
Despite a large student protest and strong activist sentiment among its students and alumni,...
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Party doctrine will probably trump church doctrine in Congress, experts say, where more than a quarter of lawmakers are Catholics.
As Pope Francis steps up his moral campaign for global action on climate change, Republican Roman...
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