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This Week in Clean Economy

This Week in Clean Economy: The success or failure of a lawsuit to force Gov. Christie to rejoin RGGI comes down to whether the public has a say.
Environmental groups took what might be their last recourse to reinstate New Jersey into a...
06/08/2012 | Read More
This Week in Clean Economy: Five states fail to pass anti-Agenda 21 laws, with Arizona being the most high profile. Bills remain alive in three states.
A high-profile bill in Arizona to abolish sustainability efforts died last week, yet its defeat isn...
05/11/2012 | Read More
Modifications to the city's century-old zoning law to promote energy efficient and solar-powered buildings will save residents $800 million a year.
The New York City Council this week adopted the country's most sweeping green building plan,...
05/04/2012 | Read More
New report finds that California, Oregon, Washington and B.C. could triple the number of clean economy jobs to 1.5 million, with synchronized policies.
A group of West Coast leaders has made its first attempt to quantify how many jobs have been...
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The price of solar energy systems dropped by 36 percent in North Carolina between 2006 and 2011, in a trend that is likely occuring across the U.S.
The cost of solar power in North Carolina is falling steeply, a state trade group reported,...
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Amid a tough political and economic climate, ARPA-E, the U.S. energy innovation agency, held its annual summit. Also, mixed reviews for U.S. in new survey.
In the labs of young startups and universities, researchers are fine-tuning groundbreaking fuel...
03/01/2012 | Read More
Christie's budget would empty the clean energy fund and take all that's left of RGGI revenues. Meanwhile, in the EU, green jobs pass the million mark.
In his new budget blueprint, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is proposing to divert $210 million...
02/24/2012 | Read More
Advocates trumpet the nation's first solar plan on public lands and urge quick action. Election-year debate over jobs spills into U.S.-China solar spat.
Pressure has begun to build for President Obama to make good on his State of the Union pledge to...
02/03/2012 | Read More
In interviews with InsideClimate News, clean energy supporters and analysts share their views on the merits of the president's main clean energy policies.
After decades of subsidizing fossil fuels, it's clean energy's turn to get bountiful federal...
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Did the media make too much of the Solyndra bankruptcy? Electric car fans get a mixed bag of news, while cleantech investing hits the trillion-dollar mark.
The question whether the media made too much of Solyndra continued to rankle this week. Mainstream...
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