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Possible Keystone XL Approval Not to Blame for EPA Boss Departure, Officials Say

(QMI Agency)

President Barack Obama's top environmental advisor did not abruptly resign her post as head of the powerful Environmental Protection Agency last week because of pending approval for the Keystone XL pipeline, according to her spokeswoman.

Denying reports that Lisa Jackson suddenly left the EPA because she did not want to be in charge of the agency when Obama approves the pipeline, Victoria Rivas-Vazquez told the New York Post those reports were "false."

The Post reported last week that Jackson left because she believed Obama was going to approve the $7 billion pipeline as early as March or April, and that she did not want to be in charge of the agency when Keystone was given the go-ahead.

Rivas-Vazquez told the Post Jackson was leaving to pursue "new challenges, time with her family and new opportunities.