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There are no clear federal guidelines for chemical exposure at oil spills, and no studies to understand the long term dangers to human health.
Since 2010, at least three ruptured pipelines have spilled oil into U.S. neighborhoods, forcing...
06/18/2013 | Read More
With gas wells in some states being drilled near schools and homes, scientists see a need for better chemical disclosure laws and follow-up research.
For years, the controversy over natural gas drilling has focused on the water and air quality...
12/03/2012 | Read More
EPA’s endangerment finding and tailpipe, tailoring and timing rules to face legal challenges in a single case consolidated from dozens of lawsuits.
WASHINGTON—Opponents intent on blocking EPA's "endangerment finding" and the agency's other efforts...
02/27/2012 | Read More
According to environmentalists and residents of affected areas, sand mining processes used in fracking pose a threat to air and water quality.
HOUSTON, Texas—Fracking, the latest craze in the quest to produce oil and gas, has been blamed for...
09/21/2011 | Read More
Next week's transport rule is aimed at curbing smog and soot at power plants in 30-plus states. Next up: EPA's controversial mercury rule, expected in Nov.
Update (July 7): EPA announced on July 7 the finalized Cross State Air Pollution Rule, which will...
07/01/2011 | Read More
A proposed rule to limit mercury from coal-fired power plants took center stage at a divisive Congressional hearing this week
WASHINGTON—These days, it would be understandable if EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson began...
06/17/2011 | Read More
Dominion Resources, the plant's owner, says it is planning to generate new power in Indiana through a 750-MW wind farm now under construction
An 85-year-old coal plant near Chicago is going out of business after new federal air quality rules...
05/11/2011 | Read More
Republicans say installing long-overdue pollution controls would harm economic recovery, while advocates claim the rules would create jobs and save lives
Under pressure from industry, Congressional Republicans are urging the U.S. EPA to further delay...
04/20/2011 | Read More
Despite new, stricter pollution rules by EPA, the coal industry in Muscatine may get a pass from the agency until new data or models are produced
An Iowa town with the worst air quality in the state is again under EPA scrutiny after years of...
03/31/2011 | Read More
An ongoing fight in Congress to limit EPA’s role in regulating greenhouse gases is obscuring the importance of these long-overdue rules to public health
This week the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to release new standards for coal- and...
03/14/2011 | Read More