Pulitzer winning climate news

Bill McKibben

Just six pages long, it is stoking a new moral urgency for climate action and forcing the financial world to reconsider the value of fossil fuel reserves.
It is probably the most influential paper on climate science today. But few outside scientific...
02/14/2013 | Read More
As NYT dismantles its environment desk, increased pressure on a handful of remaining journalists covering complexity of climate change.
The news last week that the New York Times is dismantling its environment desk and reassigning the...
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The primary aim of student-led campaign at 150-plus universities is to make climate change the moral issue of the generation.
A divestment campaign aimed at fossil fuel companies has swept college campuses across the country...
12/06/2012 | Read More
Continuing protests will spotlight the danger of burning fossil energy reserves containing 2,795 gigatons of CO2.
Karen Bagdes-Canning felt a sense of déjà vu when she marched past the White House on Sunday...
11/19/2012 | Read More
Climate issues are absent this election, but research shows that merely mentioning a topic during the TV debates could help elevate it in voters' minds.
Aside from Mitt Romney's recent jab at Barack Obama's concern over global warming—and the president...
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Persistence, solidarity and youthful optimism gave activists and landowners an edge in battle to keep Keystone XL pipeline out of Nebraska Sandhills.
WASHINGTON—Just six months ago, few could have imagined that an inanimate object as ugly as a 36-...
11/11/2011 | Read More
The crowd's goal was to give President Obama a "solidarity hug" by forming a human chain around the White House.
WASHINGTON—As Brian Nowak made a beeline across Lafayette Square to the handmade "Minnesotans for...
11/07/2011 | Read More
Still, Bill McKibben and others leading the two-week D.C. sit-in remain intent on connecting the dots between the oil pipeline and climate danger
WASHINGTON—Close to noon Tuesday, frustrated tourist Ron Higgins of Los Angeles tries to maneuver a...
08/24/2011 | Read More
Bill McKibben and allies say the proposed tar sands pipeline — which was barely on their radar a year ago — could galvanize U.S. action on climate
WASHINGTON—Conservationists are still fuming about President Obama's continued lack of follow-...
06/27/2011 | Read More
350 EARTH project based on the notion that art gets to people in ways that science doesn’t
WASHINGTON—Bill McKibben might be an optimist. But he isn’t delusional enough to think that what he...
11/19/2010 | Read More