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Bureau of Land Management

New BLM rule stands up well next to state regulations, says one scientist. "But unfortunately, that's because most state regulations are very poor."
Nearly two years after Wyoming became the first state to regulate high-volume hydraulic fracturing...
05/15/2012 | Read More
The gas industry wants to protect its trade secrets, but watchdogs want full disclosure of chemicals that can cause blindness, organ failure and cancer.
New regulations drafted by the federal Bureau of Land Management would increase pressure on energy...
02/15/2012 | Read More
“It’s not as if it looks like the industry is hiding something. They are hiding something.”
WASHINGTON—Convincing the natural gas industry that a chemical disclosure protocol should be...
12/01/2010 | Read More
Solar Is 1st Energy Choice for Dems; 4th for Republicans After Wind, Nuclear, Oil
A new poll on Thursday found overwhelming support for building giant solar farms on America's...
03/19/2010 | Read More