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An executive order issued by Gov. Brown would reduce global warming emissions by 40% by 2030, but achieving that is shaping to be a difficult task.
Editor's note: We want to introduce readers to a nonprofit news organization launching today called...
07/20/2015 | Read More
The water crisis bond that was approved last week could be a model for other states needing to plan for drought and other climate impacts.
Californians' overwhelming approval for a bond that authorized $7.5 billion for badly needed water...
11/10/2014 | Read More
The punishing heat has tested the region's energy supplier and is a harbinger of things to come as coastal areas get hit hard by climate change.
San Diego, known for having one of the most desirable climates in the United States, set a record...
10/14/2014 | Read More
Loss of confidence in important utility regulator adds pressure for accountability from overseers of pipelines, drilling operations and oil-by-rail.
The release last week of possibly improper emails between a utility and the California Public...
08/04/2014 | Read More
Fifteen percent of historic El Niños would have been wet enough to lift California out of its current drought.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Thursday said again that El Niño, a warming...
07/10/2014 | Read More
This year, $230 million from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund will go to programs for low-income and minority people.
One-quarter of the $872 million generated by California's 18-month-old cap-and-trade scheme will go...
06/25/2014 | Read More
The first-of-its-kind regulation is starting to clean up the fuel mix in California. But the program's future remains uncertain amid attacks.
California is replacing oil with cleaner-burning fuels in cars and trucks, thanks to a landmark low...
06/06/2013 | Read More
Plans are taking shape to pipe carbon-heavy Canadian oil to the Northeast, pushing into gear an effort to size up CO2 costs of fuels used in the region.
As concerns rise over plans to pipe Canadian tar sands oil to the East Coast for the first time, a...
02/26/2013 | Read More
What to expect in 2013: tax-code tweak for renewables, energy efficiency legislation, subsidy wrangling, clean energy attacks in the states and more.
Sweeping energy legislation seems out of the question for Congress in 2013, but lawmakers are...
01/04/2013 | Read More
A second Obama White House guarantees California a federal supporter in its crusade to slow global warming.
For decades, California has been the engine of growth behind America's sputtering clean energy...
11/08/2012 | Read More