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'We're trying to build the social movement' in the United States against expansion of Canadian tar sands oil extraction, says organizer.
President Obama hasn't publicly drawn a connection between climate change and the Keystone XL...
01/31/2013 | Read More
Activists say their tree blockade may soon be over as construction on the Texas property wraps up. But their efforts to stop the pipeline are not.
Activists who had hoped to block the southern leg of the Keystone XL in Texas by occupying trees in...
12/17/2012 | Read More
James Hansen, the 70-year-old renowned climate scientist, was the 112th of 140 arrested on day 10 of the Keystone XL pipeline sit-ins
WASHINGTON—A few minutes after 11 a.m. Monday, climate scientist James Hansen sits down on a patch...
08/30/2011 | Read More
Jason Box, known for his study of glaciers, says oil sands mining is a moral issue that he feels compelled to address. The two-week sit-in begins Saturday
WASHINGTON—His climatology career at Ohio State University is advancing swimmingly. He's never had...
08/18/2011 | Read More
  Photographers Phillipe Reynaers and Eric de Mildt shot these pictures today of a protest in...
03/10/2009 | Read More