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Clean Break

To try to distance itself from U.S. fracking policies, the German government has proposed a ban on fracking for shale gas, but not fracking for tight gas.
BERLIN—In Germany debate is raging over whether to allow fracking, and America's example is serving...
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Citizens in Berlin are fighting to democratize and decentralize the city's energy system, and they've found an unlikely model—in Sacramento, Calif.
BERLIN, Germany—A decision 90 years ago by the people of Sacramento, Calif. to oust a private...
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The law, passed in 1937, allows mining firms to relocate residents, even entire villages, to gain access to shallow lignite seams.
If one can believe a recent BBC poll, Germany is the most admired country in the world. Germany's...
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Is the massive plant a misstep that will derail Germany’s clean energy shift—or a bridge that will let Hamburg thrive until enough renewables come on line?
HAMBURG—If you stand on top of a protective dyke in the village of Moorburg and look west or north...
07/24/2013 | Read More
Is the advanced discussion happening there now part of the future for American voters and lawmakers?
BERLIN—The grand old building in downtown Berlin has seen some of the worst of German history:...
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Boulder could soon be on a long-fought path to break from utility Xcel Energy, control its own electricity and ramp up clean power. But obstacles await.
For the past decade, the people of Boulder, Colo., have pursued an elusive goal: getting more clean...
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Clean Break: Chapter 6 in the story of Germany's switch to renewables
Phoenix, Arizona—From a block away, the house was hardly visible, hidden by a dense stand of native...
11/20/2012 | Read More
Clean Break: Chapter 5 in the story of Germany's switch to renewables
Hamburg, Germany—It was late morning when I stepped out of my hotel lobby and into the jostle of...
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Clean Break: Chapter 4 in the story of Germany's switch to renewables
Bonn, Germany—On the afternoon of April 29, 1986, West Germany's Interior Minister Friedrich...
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'To people who say it can't be done here, it worked in Germany. If they can do it there, we can do it here,' says Clean Break author Osha Gray Davidson.
How can the United States turn its clean energy economy into one as robust as Germany's, where 26...
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