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Canada's clean economy has so far been spared the damaging effects of 'Dutch disease' caused by oil sands exports. How long can it last?
Canada's oil sands boom is pitting two Goliaths of its economy against each other—the oil sands...
03/22/2012 | Read More
New report finds that California, Oregon, Washington and B.C. could triple the number of clean economy jobs to 1.5 million, with synchronized policies.
A group of West Coast leaders has made its first attempt to quantify how many jobs have been...
03/16/2012 | Read More
Attempts to quantify the size, scope and benefits of the fledgling clean economy are in their earliest stages. What do we know so far?
Is steering large sums of federal money into America's clean energy economy worth the risk? The...
02/28/2012 | Read More
Among the nearly 30 states that recently enacted new clean economy policies, more than half have been Republican governors.
The nation's Republican governors are pressing forward with policies that promote the green economy...
02/16/2012 | Read More
Report finds that 22 states are tapping "CEFs" to build renewable energy projects. Some are going further by using the money to build entire industries.
A little-known source of clean energy funding could prove a crucial job-creation engine in the...
01/11/2012 | Read More
New report on a ten-state initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions shows the program is a success after three years.
The state of Massachusetts is quietly reaping the benefits of cap and trade, the much-maligned...
12/14/2011 | Read More
Group launches the first Solyndra-related ad blitz, just as reports reveal most Americans support solar and V.C.s are boosting cleantech investment.
The Solyndra debacle is proving an irresistible target for Republicans and their allies—especially...
11/04/2011 | Read More
Is Fisker a scandal, or much ado about nothing? In solar news, worries mount over an industry darling, and China fires back at America's tariff push.
The hunt for the next Solyndra heated up this week, as GOP critics of Pres. Obama's clean energy...
10/28/2011 | Read More
China's solar manufacturing boom could turn into a bonanza for U.S. suppliers of polysilicon, a key ingredient in solar panels
When Robert Bushman sold his California polysilicon recycling company in 2006, China controlled...
09/08/2011 | Read More
Efficiency firms in Austin in particular say they're experiencing a boom in business as residents try to keep cool for less electricity and money
As heat-swamped Texans crank up the A.C. to fend off triple-digit temperatures, many more residents...
08/17/2011 | Read More