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‘No need for any type of fossil fuel,' says lead author of new report. Wind, water and sunlight could supply all New York state's power.
By 2050, New York State could run entirely on energy produced from wind, water and sunlight. That...
03/21/2013 | Read More
Boulder could soon be on a long-fought path to break from utility Xcel Energy, control its own electricity and ramp up clean power. But obstacles await.
For the past decade, the people of Boulder, Colo., have pursued an elusive goal: getting more clean...
01/23/2013 | Read More
What to expect in 2013: tax-code tweak for renewables, energy efficiency legislation, subsidy wrangling, clean energy attacks in the states and more.
Sweeping energy legislation seems out of the question for Congress in 2013, but lawmakers are...
01/04/2013 | Read More
Prop 3 is the only clean energy issue on a state ballot. Michigan's standing as a battleground state is putting the measure under a national spotlight.
Update at 1:00 ET on Nov. 7, 2012: Proposal 3 was defeated at the polls Tuesday. Roughly 36 percent...
11/02/2012 | Read More
City and county officials think the pipeline would undermine federal policy and their local efforts to move to clean vehicles and alternate fuels.
A new group has chimed in to oppose the Keystone XL pipeline project that would carry oil from...
11/23/2011 | Read More
Eager to tap China's booming market and fearing the loss of private U.S. investment, American startups have begun eyeing Chinese partnerships
Concern is building among American investors that China is edging ahead in the lucrative clean...
07/12/2011 | Read More
San Diego County has been slow to embrace wind farms, largely because of permitting obstacles and local opposition — but that could change soon
Clean energy groups in San Diego County are hoping to spark a wind energy rush in a region far...
06/28/2011 | Read More
Since entering the smart grid space in 2009, Colorado-based Tendril has quadrupled its workforce and revenues. Now it's landing major deals in Australia
Washington's smart grid stimulus campaign is paying off for many U.S. software companies. Having...
06/16/2011 | Read More
Kwik Trip is installing electric car charging stations at stores in three Midwestern states. But will the effort be anything more than a symbolic gesture?
A Midwest convenience store chain is installing electric vehicle charging stations in three states...
06/07/2011 | Read More
Those championing a green investment agency are hopeful that senators will rearrange enough dollars in the DOE budget, or elsewhere, to make it happen
WASHINGTON—Two top senators are again toying with the fancy of enhancing the Department of Energy's...
05/11/2011 | Read More