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Science education experts say the group's proposed curriculum, designed by a long-time climate skeptic, will foster confusion, not learning.
The revelation last month that the Heartland Institute, a libertarian group based in Chicago, is...
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'We're not actively trying to pick a fight or become part of the debate but to provide a badly needed service,' says defense fund co-director.
The Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, which was officially formed less than two months ago, is...
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New report suggests efforts by Heartland to undermine the teaching of global warming in schools are already underway on college campuses.
An associate of the Heartland Institute, the think tank devoted to discrediting climate change,...
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Since May 2011, Democrats have made at least seven other requests to GOP leadership for climate hearings. Thus far, none has been granted.
WASHINGTON—A remarkably balmy January—the fourth warmest on record—has prompted top Democrats on...
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GOP scientists say their attempts to talk about climate dangers with their party's politicians and their aides have largely fallen on deaf ears.
A number of prominent U.S. climate scientists who identify themselves as Republican say their...
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Temperature data shows the Texas heat wave wouldn't have occurred without warming, Hansen claims. Others aren't ready to draw such a definitive conclusion.
For three months last summer, temperatures in Texas soared higher than at any time in recorded...
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At a recent conference, scientists debate how far they should go in expressing their concerns about the world's response to global warming.
Factors contributing to climate change are moving faster than predicted and pushing us toward...
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The key issues that skeptics claim are exaggerating the evidence of global warming are shown to have no effect on world temperature trends.
Climate skeptics' criticisms of the evidence for global warming make no difference to the emerging...
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New Jersey’s potential withdrawal from the 10-state Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative would deal a major blow to the cap-and-trade scheme
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is re-evaluating the state's participation in a regional carbon...
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Journalist-turned-activist Mark Hertsgaard argues that the mainstream media is to blame for allowing climate change denial to continue on Capitol Hill
WASHINGTON—If Sen. Jim Inhofe was even remotely thinking about adding Mark Hertsgaard's newest book...
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