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House Republicans push through another bill to speed the Keystone project, but with far less bipartisan support.
WASHINGTON – Republicans in the House of Representatives pushed through a bill on Wednesday that...
05/23/2013 | Read More
What to expect in 2013: tax-code tweak for renewables, energy efficiency legislation, subsidy wrangling, clean energy attacks in the states and more.
Sweeping energy legislation seems out of the question for Congress in 2013, but lawmakers are...
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Environmentalists are optimistic that the electoral defeat of 11 of a targeted 'dirty dozen' sends a signal and opens new possibilities for action.
Statistically, the November elections seemed a win for the status quo in Washington—neither chamber...
11/27/2012 | Read More
Dilbit is exempt from an oil tax that is used to clean up conventional crude and dilbit spills. The exemption is worth $35 million a year, and growing.
The oil industry has often said that dilbit, a heavy crude oil from Canada's tar sands, isn't much...
07/31/2012 | Read More
Proposed federal rules to strengthen pipeline safety won't be in place before construction could begin on the Keystone XL or other new dilbit pipelines.
WASHINGTON—Efforts to beef up oversight of the nation's oil pipelines are progressing so slowly...
07/26/2012 | Read More
Thirteen amendments—some merely symbolic—target wind power, carbon-zero building standards, efficiency measures for lighting, batteries and more.
Republicans in the House of Representatives quietly passed 13 provisions last week that would choke...
06/13/2012 | Read More
TransCanada and Nebraska's Dept. of Environmental Quality say they'll take at least six months to approve a new route—no matter what happens in Washington.
A bill intended to force the Obama administration to make a quick decision on the controversial...
01/10/2012 | Read More
Bungled strategy to fast-track oil sands pipeline likely to give Obama leverage.
(Editor's update: On Thursday evening, House Republicans capitulated to mounting pressure from the...
12/22/2011 | Read More
Their primary targets are the IPCC and UNFCCC, key programs designed to educate policymakers about climate science and slow warming worldwide
WASHINGTON—House Republicans are applying a search and destroy tactic to international funding for...
08/26/2011 | Read More
But numerous Dept. of Defense representatives say they oppose repealing 'Section 526' because of national security and economic concerns
WASHINGTON—When chatter on Capitol Hill ramps up about kicking "526" to the curb, it doesn't mean...
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