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Department of Energy

At the often misunderstood DOE Loan Programs Office, 200 staffers work to fill a critical financing hole for new energy technologies in the United States.
At the U.S. Department of Energy's Washington, D.C. headquarters, the fourth floor feels like any...
10/09/2013 | Read More
Peter Davidson, a former investment banker, takes the helm. 'The truth is not at all what the popular perception is,' he says.
Peter Davidson walked nervously toward a U.S. Senate conference room in Washington, D.C. A lanky...
10/03/2013 | Read More
EPA and DOE leaders are key to Obama's environmental legacy as Congress remains deadlocked on climate change policies.
As a stalemated Congress shies away from taking serious action on climate change, environmentalists...
12/10/2012 | Read More
Already branded the next Solyndra by some, government-backed SoloPower claims its flexible, lighter panels will beat the odds—even as major shakeout looms.
Solar panel maker SoloPower cut the ribbon on its Portland factory last month—a crucial step in...
10/09/2012 | Read More
Conference-goers blame it on GSA spending shenanigans, not Congressional energy politics. The event will resume next year.
WASHINGTON—A popular and longstanding trade show that connects alternative energy contractors with...
07/25/2012 | Read More
Thirteen amendments—some merely symbolic—target wind power, carbon-zero building standards, efficiency measures for lighting, batteries and more.
Republicans in the House of Representatives quietly passed 13 provisions last week that would choke...
06/13/2012 | Read More
Ecotality's innovation chief discusses everything from the issue of sluggish U.S. demand for E.V.'s and how the Solyndra fallout has affected its business.
It's been a rough spell for electric cars, with automakers abandoning sales targets amid tepid...
04/10/2012 | Read More
Amid a tough political and economic climate, ARPA-E, the U.S. energy innovation agency, held its annual summit. Also, mixed reviews for U.S. in new survey.
In the labs of young startups and universities, researchers are fine-tuning groundbreaking fuel...
03/01/2012 | Read More
Is Fisker a scandal, or much ado about nothing? In solar news, worries mount over an industry darling, and China fires back at America's tariff push.
The hunt for the next Solyndra heated up this week, as GOP critics of Pres. Obama's clean energy...
10/28/2011 | Read More
NOAA and DOE have deployed more than a dozen wind detection instruments across the Midwest to measure the economic value of improved forecasting.
If the weather report says it's supposed to be sunny and breezy tomorrow, do you trust that...
10/07/2011 | Read More