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diluted bitumen

Experts say the heavier, high-sulfur oil from Canada could have created bigger pressure swings and promoted crack growth in the old, flawed pipe.
In the five months since ExxonMobil's Pegasus oil pipeline burst in Arkansas, two things have...
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Uprooted and anxious, Arkansans find themselves thrust into the debate about the Canadian oil that filled their streets and the safety of such pipelines.
It has been more than a month now, and Amber Bartlett has had enough of hotels and apartments and...
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For now, two state agencies will little experience in dealing with major oil spills are in charge of surveying and counteracting the ecological damage.
Federal agencies have so far not decided whether to undertake an assessment of the ecological harm...
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Underfunded agency faces the challenge of finding answers to key questions: When did Exxon's pipeline rupture and when did the company learn of the spill?
Just a day after roughly one million gallons of heavy Canadian crude oil spilled into Michigan's...
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“Can the oil accurately be described as tar sands oil, or a type of diluted bitumen (dilbit)?” the EPA asked in an April 5 letter to Exxon.
When ExxonMobil's Pegasus pipeline ruptured last month in Mayflower, Ark., it was carrying diluted...
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But experts say Alberta’s problem is that it's all but giving away its oil to industry, in a cycle of subsidy and overproduction that a pipeline won't end.
WASHINGTON—The premier of Alberta, Canada, made another visit to Washington D.C. last week,...
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Exxon oil spill in Arkansas demonstrates how quickly pipeline accidents can turn into catastrophe.
The rupture in the ExxonMobil pipeline that sent a river of oil through a suburban neighborhood in...
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The oil industry knows heavy oil is more corrosive than sweet crude, and MesoCoat says it has pipe-coating technology to solve the problem.
An upstart company in Ohio is aiming to disrupt the oil pipeline business with new technology that...
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Exxon pipeline spill in Mayflower, Ark. illustrates concerns outlined in 54-page petition that EPA and PHMSA must now respond to.
A petition filed with federal agencies last week by a coalition led by the National Wildlife...
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Scientists say the 1.3 gallon spill in the lab tank omitted real-world factors that made dilbit sink in Michigan’s million-gallon Kalamazoo River spill.
A recent industry-backed study of diluted bitumen, the Canadian crude oil that would be shipped...
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