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Two bills are aiming to divest the state's $62 billion public pension fund of all its coal, oil and gas holdings.
BOSTON­­­––It's not getting the fanfare of a less-ambitious California bill, but Massachusetts is...
06/11/2015 | Read More
George School in Newtown, after a campaign by students, decides that even a high school can make a statement, joining the divestment movement.
A Pennsylvania high school just made history. George School in Newtown announced April 27 that it...
05/15/2015 | Read More
Swarthmore and nine other colleges with endowments totaling $72 billion have been beset by sit-ins since January, escalating the fossil-free movement.
Last month, more than 30 students at Swarthmore College tried an increasingly popular tactic to...
04/27/2015 | Read More
'We need disruptive politics,' professor tells climate change panel in a sold-out theater; students begin sit-ins around campus.
CAMBRIDGE, Mass.––As top-notch experts met at Harvard University to discuss global warming impacts...
04/14/2015 | Read More
The notion that most of the fossil fuel reserves on company balance sheets must stay in the ground—stranded—is no longer unthinkable.
This was the year Big Oil and its fossil-fuel brethren began to look a lot less invincible. An...
12/22/2014 | Read More
'There's definitely going to be less money flowing into [oil stocks] than we've seen in the last couple years,' says Phil Flynn, senior oil analyst.
The recent dive in oil prices is undermining oil company earnings, projects and stock prices—at...
10/28/2014 | Read More
The primary aim of student-led campaign at 150-plus universities is to make climate change the moral issue of the generation.
A divestment campaign aimed at fossil fuel companies has swept college campuses across the country...
12/06/2012 | Read More