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14-page proposal is "smart politics," he says
The United States could "feasibly" cut its foreign oil imports to zero by 2030, Sen. Jeff Merkley...
06/14/2010 | Read More
Bipartisan bills introduced in both the House and Senate would electrify half of all U.S. cars and trucks by 2030
WASHINGTON—Seven Democratic and Republican legislators are proposing a prescription for the...
06/02/2010 | Read More
U.S. Exec Warns of Swapping 'Oil Cartel for Asian Battery Cartel'
Economic stimulus money is helping to build a U.S. manufacturing hub for batteries that will power...
03/12/2010 | Read More
Experiment Seen as Vital to Nation's Oil Independence
Reporting from Tel Aviv, Israel Better Place, the electric car start-up, made clear when it...
02/09/2010 | Read More
The first electric cars are expected to hit U.S. showrooms by the end of 2010, a major step in the...
12/30/2009 | Read More
Nissan's early commitment to push its autos from the pump to the plug is paying off. In June...
08/07/2009 | Read More
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is considering building Better Place's car recharging...
02/10/2009 | Read More
Ontario, Canada -- which is already on track to shut down coal by 2014 -- has become the nation's...
01/16/2009 | Read More