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EIA information helps guide a roughly $1.2 trillion energy market that reaches into every sector of the U.S. economy
WASHINGTON—With austerity as the guiding mantra during this budget season, researcher Neal Elliott...
05/04/2011 | Read More
100+ Statutory Delegations of Authority to Address Energy and Climate
On Capitol Hill, the ship of state is so bereft of rudder and sail that the crew is jumping...
02/17/2010 | Read More
EIA Projections Show Oil Flattens Out; Biofuels Get a Bump
If the U.S. government changes nothing about its approach toward energy and global warming, the...
12/14/2009 | Read More
Wind power's tiny footprints don't stop at carbon emissions. A new analysis of the impacts of...
02/11/2009 | Read More
The European Union has pledged to have 12 demonstration carbon capture and sequestration (CCS)...
01/12/2009 | Read More