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Conventional wisdom says switching to natural gas is why CO2 fell last year, but a recent analysis found a different explanation.
Aggressive energy efficiency efforts by households, companies and motorists led to the decline in...
07/30/2013 | Read More
The effort spearheaded by the natural gas industry to repeal a clean energy law is creating a split between climate activists and efficiency advocates.
For the third time in a year, the fossil fuel industry and its allies in Congress are trying to...
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A major change to RGGI is expected to increase the price of carbon and send billions more into state coffers, much of that to clean energy.
When the nine states in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a cap-and-trade system, agreed last...
02/11/2013 | Read More
Thirteen amendments—some merely symbolic—target wind power, carbon-zero building standards, efficiency measures for lighting, batteries and more.
Republicans in the House of Representatives quietly passed 13 provisions last week that would choke...
06/13/2012 | Read More
Gov. Brown wants to use as much as 80% of proceeds on the budget, an unpopular and possibly illegal idea, instead of using the money to control emissions.
For six years, California has been embroiled in disputes and lawsuits over the creation of its...
06/12/2012 | Read More
Modifications to the city's century-old zoning law to promote energy efficient and solar-powered buildings will save residents $800 million a year.
The New York City Council this week adopted the country's most sweeping green building plan,...
05/04/2012 | Read More
A judge forces the federal agency that squashed the PACE home energy program to draft rules and start over.
At Rod Stevenson's sprawling country home in Santa Rosa, Calif., in Sonoma County, once-leaky walls...
04/24/2012 | Read More
New report finds that California, Oregon, Washington and B.C. could triple the number of clean economy jobs to 1.5 million, with synchronized policies.
A group of West Coast leaders has made its first attempt to quantify how many jobs have been...
03/16/2012 | Read More
Long-delayed effort by EIA will quantify a decade of energy efficiency gains and focus decision-makers around higher standards.
The recent explosion of efficiency efforts across the country has slashed energy use in U.S....
03/07/2012 | Read More
Christie's budget would empty the clean energy fund and take all that's left of RGGI revenues. Meanwhile, in the EU, green jobs pass the million mark.
In his new budget blueprint, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is proposing to divert $210 million...
02/24/2012 | Read More