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Technology to capture and store carbon seen as indispensable for coal to compete with cleaner natural gas in a low-carbon era.
WASHINGTON—Two days before Gina McCarthy, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency...
09/23/2013 | Read More
Enviromentalists and the EPA take apart State Dept's Keystone review, and momentum shifts yet again toward pipeline opponents in the long-running battle.
WASHINGTON—Leading environmental groups declared on Monday that the Obama administration's latest...
04/23/2013 | Read More
EPA and DOE leaders are key to Obama's environmental legacy as Congress remains deadlocked on climate change policies.
As a stalemated Congress shies away from taking serious action on climate change, environmentalists...
12/10/2012 | Read More
What’s driving the decline of the U.S. coal industry? Turns out there’s no simple answer—even though some politicians want one.
Power plant operators are shuttering aging coal facilities at record rates—a trend presidential...
10/16/2012 | Read More
The river is not yet free of the heavy oil that was spilled—Canadian diluted bitumen, or dilbit. Removing what remains submerged could take years.
About 34 miles of the Kalamazoo River in Southeastern Michigan were opened to the public Thursday,...
06/21/2012 | Read More
With one eye on the polls and the other on energy goals, Obama appears conflicted and confounded by greenhouse gas emissions.
WASHINGTON—Those expecting a consistent climate change message from the White House are having...
04/02/2012 | Read More
'There are no current rules under development on that issue,' EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson tells Congress.
Election-year politics, $4-a-gallon gasoline and an anti-regulatory fervor on Capitol Hill have...
03/08/2012 | Read More
Most of the biggest polluting industrial boilers are in manufacturing states east of the Mississippi River, but 68 dot the West coast states.
WASHINGTON—Industries in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and South Carolina will have the most...
02/29/2012 | Read More
EPA has slammed the State Department's earlier draft reviews. Pipeline opponents are counting on the agency to be as tough on the final assessment.
WASHINGTON—Any day now, the EPA will be weighing in with an analysis of the State Department's...
10/19/2011 | Read More
On the heels of Pres. Obama's decision to scrap smog standards, EPA says it will miss its Sept. 30 deadline to propose greenhouse gas rules for utilities
The Environmental Protection Agency will miss an end-of-month target for proposing greenhouse gas...
09/15/2011 | Read More