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Most of the biggest polluting industrial boilers are in manufacturing states east of the Mississippi River, but 68 dot the West coast states.
WASHINGTON—Industries in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and South Carolina will have the most...
02/29/2012 | Read More
The deal puts 18 aging coal plants on a path to being cleaned up or retired; a second haze pact — now in the works — could affect 300 coal facilities
WASHINGTON—Back in the winter of 1991, President George H.W. Bush traveled to Arizona to tell...
07/11/2011 | Read More
The TRAIN Act would create a multi-million dollar committee to conduct cost-benefit analyses of 10 EPA regs aimed at curbing GHGs and other pollutants
WASHINGTON—Those perceiving the Clean Air Act as a lumbering locomotive intent on flattening U.S....
06/07/2011 | Read More
EPA's relatively mild 'tailoring act' that went into effect Jan. 2, is on much shakier ground than its CO2 endangerment finding
WASHINGTON—Texas and 14 other states clearly want to deep-six the endangerment finding. But legal...
06/01/2011 | Read More
Already-underfunded clean air bureaus are set to lose millions, according to figures from the National Association of Clean Air Agencies. Can they cope?
WASHINGTON—Those conducting triage on the gimpy EPA budget that limped out of the U.S. Capitol in...
04/27/2011 | Read More
EPA has asked Chesapeake Energy to give a "complete accounting" of all the hazardous chemicals released by a gas well that blew out last week
WASHINGTON—Regulators said on Tuesday they have asked Chesapeake Energy to give information on any...
04/27/2011 | Read More
A DOE program to support clean energy technologies was spared the Congressional budget ax this week, while EPA's funds were cut 16 percent
A federal program to support the development of clean energy technologies escaped the budget ax...
04/13/2011 | Read More
More than a million abandoned wells may be out there. But the task of finding, plugging and monitoring the old wells is daunting to cash-strapped states
In the last 150 years, prospectors and energy companies have drilled as many as 12 million holes...
04/10/2011 | Read More
Some experts suggest coal owners may be hesitant to buy old plant designs like the shelved South Carolina facility because their emissions are too costly
A South Carolina utility is hoping to salvage some of the money it lost from a shelved coal-fired...
04/05/2011 | Read More
Four amendments to curb EPA's ability to cut CO2 are on the table, causing anxiety among many, though observers wonder if the votes will ever occur
WASHINGTON—For weeks, a slew of conservative senators has been crowing about crippling EPA's...
04/04/2011 | Read More