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A new survey of Wyoming residents living near natural gas wells has found that more than nine out...
08/23/2010 | Read More
Fracking debate and apparent new caution in the U.S., but the rest of the world is racing toward natural gas
Energy industry analysts are predicting a global shale gas boom that could turn the cleaner-burning...
08/09/2010 | Read More
Environmental groups say anti-drilling bill has enough votes to pass New York Legislature this week
A bill in the New York Legislature that would crack down on a controversial gas drilling technique...
08/02/2010 | Read More
House committee orders 10 U.S. energy giants to disclose toxic chemicals and water disposal practices
Members of Congress sought records on Monday from 10 oil and gas producers about the safety of...
07/20/2010 | Read More
Well operator slapped with a fine but holds onto drilling license
by Mike Ludwig, Truthout Pennsylvanians are wondering if their state could become the next...
07/15/2010 | Read More
Utility-funded report warns of environmental risks of 'fracking' and $700 billion cost of switching from coal to gas
Just last month, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology portrayed gas-fired electricity as a...
07/11/2010 | Read More
A Natural Gas Rush in the Northeast Is Forcing Farmers to Choose Between Income and Land
New York’s southern tier, which refers to the counties west of the Catskill Mountains just north of...
05/18/2010 | Read More
A Natural Gas Rush in the Northeast Is Forcing Farmers to Choose Between Income and Land
When Joyce Stone and her husband moved to Dimock, Pennsylvania 34 years ago, they found themselves...
05/16/2010 | Read More
Philadelphia Moved to Ban Fracking in Its Watershed, Pittsburgh Sees Problems
The Environmental Protection Agency’s science advisors meet today to begin studying the impacts on...
04/07/2010 | Read More
Oil and Gas Industry Leaders Oppose Federal Involvement
On Capitol Hill, momentum appears to be shifting toward federal regulation of a drilling technique...
02/22/2010 | Read More