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A rapid surface cooling of the northern oceans may have caused a temporary slowdown in global...
09/23/2010 | Read More
17 countries with new national temperature records
by Andrew Freedman, Climate Central This year is a little more than half over, and already it is...
08/16/2010 | Read More
Boulders, sand and melt pools have replaced some Himalayan glaciers, while others are virtually extinct, eyewitness observes
You read about climate change, you hear about glacial retreat. But it is not until you get up in...
08/15/2010 | Read More
Washington D.C. is projected to see 100 summer days above 90 degrees by 2050, if emissions continue unabated
WASHINGTON—When "snowmageddon" buried the nation's capital in February, Sen. Jim Inhofe's...
08/13/2010 | Read More
Bill introduced in Congress is modeled on Germany's success in using feed-in-tariffs to power a clean energy boom
WASHINGTON—When you’re peddling an esoteric idea with a cumbersome name on Capitol Hill, you...
07/29/2010 | Read More
Policy changes made today may not be felt for generations, report says
WASHINGTON, D.C. – As Congress wrangles over climate legislation in the nation’s capitol, a new...
07/19/2010 | Read More
NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center has records that go back to 1880
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration today released its monthly global temperature...
07/15/2010 | Read More
Many more US cities projected to join the ranks of Phoenix and Dallas as century progresses
The intense heat wave that is gripping the crowded metropolitan corridor and toppling records from...
07/07/2010 | Read More
Both sides use mounting frustration over America’s oil dependence to sway the public
Ethanol lobbyists are bumping up against a new wave of resistance in Washington as green groups...
07/06/2010 | Read More
Agency head says energy revolution has begun, but needs a concerted global effort to succeed
WASHINGTON—Memo to the planet from the International Energy Agency: Buckle down and speed up the...
07/02/2010 | Read More