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Demanding retractions for defamation or wrong accusations, scientists finding vindication
WASHINGTON—If environmental scientists were as vindictive as their fiercest foes, they might refer...
06/25/2010 | Read More
Ice is thinning, with holes like Swiss cheese, even faster than its area is shrinking
On June 21, the sun reaches its highest point in the sky; it is the summer solstice in the northern...
06/23/2010 | Read More
Even deeper than BP's Macondo reservoir, Brazil's Tupi field named one of the 10 most dangerous offshore sites in the world
by Graeme Wearden, Guardian The flotation (stock offering) of Petrobras is a key part of the...
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Safety issue number one for miners and a powerful greenhouse gas that has slipped through the cracks of clean air regulations
A coalition of environmental groups have filed a petition with the EPA asking it to establish the...
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At meeting in Asia, expectation of a long future for coal as a primary energy source
Last week energy ministers from the Asia-Pacific region convened at a hotel in Fukui, Japan to...
06/23/2010 | Read More
Web-based tool calculates fuel equivalent of spill, raises policy questions
WASHINGTON—Whether it’s 35,000 or 60,000 or 100,000 barrels of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico...
06/22/2010 | Read More
Stakeholders end long-running feud to protect more than 70 million acres of boreal forest
Millions of acres of boreal forest — one of the largest storehouses of carbon on Earth — will be...
05/19/2010 | Read More
An isolated, 100-acre lake on the Canadian Arctic's Baffin Island is showing signs of warming that...
10/22/2009 | Read More
Brian Ross of ABC News has been caught red-handed. He ran a story yesterday claiming that Robert F...
04/22/2009 | Read More
General Motor’s chief climate denier (he prefers skeptic) is finally on his way out the door. GM...
02/09/2009 | Read More