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New report finds that California, Oregon, Washington and B.C. could triple the number of clean economy jobs to 1.5 million, with synchronized policies.
A group of West Coast leaders has made its first attempt to quantify how many jobs have been...
03/16/2012 | Read More
Attempts to quantify the size, scope and benefits of the fledgling clean economy are in their earliest stages. What do we know so far?
Is steering large sums of federal money into America's clean energy economy worth the risk? The...
02/28/2012 | Read More
Christie's budget would empty the clean energy fund and take all that's left of RGGI revenues. Meanwhile, in the EU, green jobs pass the million mark.
In his new budget blueprint, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is proposing to divert $210 million...
02/24/2012 | Read More
Report finds that 22 states are tapping "CEFs" to build renewable energy projects. Some are going further by using the money to build entire industries.
A little-known source of clean energy funding could prove a crucial job-creation engine in the...
01/11/2012 | Read More
Up to 40% of the 400,000 individuals employed by U.S. utilities are expected to retire or leave by 2013, creating demand for a new generation of workers
More than a third of the country's 400,000 electric utility employees are headed for retirement....
07/14/2011 | Read More
The New York metro area had the most 'clean jobs' in 2010, with more than 150,000 positions, finds a new Brookings Institution study
The clean economy is fueling industry and job creation in almost every major city in America — from...
07/13/2011 | Read More
Training academies are cropping up to steer students and professionals into clean energy industries that lack manpower to match growing opportunities
A surge in business for algae-biofuels developer Sapphire Energy has led to a new but welcome...
05/16/2011 | Read More
Using a new "crowdfunding" program called Solar Mosaic, the city is selling solar tiles to locals for $100 a pop and installing them on public buildings
The city of Oakland, Calif., is getting its residents to help build out a clean energy economy, one...
04/22/2011 | Read More
Time lags on projects that were supposed to deliver a quick fix to the economy hurt Democrats at the polls, especially in the Midwest
From the moment he was elected president in the depths of a historic recession, Barack Obama held...
11/10/2010 | Read More
"You’re not sovereign unless you’re controlling your energy future.”
When Dillon Toya started his senior year at Jemez Pueblo's Walatowa Charter High School in northern...
11/07/2010 | Read More