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About 4 million barrels of spilled oil, as much as BP's Gulf of Mexico spill, is flowing into the Arctic Ocean every year, Greenpeace says.
An environmental organization with a $350 million war chest, a giant protest vessel, 28 activists...
10/16/2013 | Read More
Greenpeace and others are adding 'climate disaster relief' to their missions both for humanitarian purposes and to raise awareness of global warming.
Greenpeace usually makes its headlines for high-profile stunts—storming oil rigs, scaling coal...
12/17/2012 | Read More
Greenpeace activists occupied the world's second-largest rig on Friday, which is on its way from Turkey to Greenland to explore for oil
SARKOY, TURKEY—The fight to stop the global oil industry exploring the pristine deep waters of the...
04/22/2011 | Read More
GAR, the world's second-biggest palm oil producer, has vowed to stop razing Indonesian forests that are especially rich in carbon and biodiversity
The world's second biggest palm oil company has agreed to halt deforestation in valuable areas of...
02/10/2011 | Read More
For the first time in decades, the leaders of some major environmental groups are under 40
(This is the second of two parts. Click here for Part 1) Fortunately for them, the young leaders...
01/10/2011 | Read More
For the first time in decades, the leaders of some major environmental groups are under 40
The global headquarters of the international climate justice campaign 350.org is located on the...
01/09/2011 | Read More
Still, REDD maintains broad support from rich and poor nations and could be one of few agreements to emerge from the climate talks
CANCUN, MEXICO -- The prospect of a deal on forest protection at the Cancun climate talks has...
12/07/2010 | Read More
Nations are at loggerheads over fundamental issues, most notably Bolivia and the U.S. and Australia.
CANCUN, MEXICO -- Big holes remain in some of the most basic but contentious issues in a UN-backed...
12/03/2010 | Read More
In the search for what's next, a range of options including civil disobedience, state-level action, and continued work on Capitol Hill
WASHINGTON—Barely a week ago, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid assured West Virginia governor-cum-...
11/23/2010 | Read More
Weak legal definitions of "forest" and "degraded land" are allowing logging industry to take advantage of an ambitious UN forest rescue scheme
Indonesia plans to class large areas of its remaining natural forests as "degraded" land in order...
11/23/2010 | Read More