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Gulf Oil Disaster

Spill record and safety culture assume larger importance in risk analysis as companies tap unconventional oil in challenging locations.
An oil company's track record on spills—and whether it is prepared for future accidents—has become...
11/16/2012 | Read More
Kenneth Feinberg, administrator of the $20B fund, faces criticism from state attorneys general and others who believe payouts are being made too slowly
BP Plc has paid out more than $5 billion to 204,434 victims of last year's massive Gulf of Mexico...
08/23/2011 | Read More
Chevron, Occidental, Exxon Mobil, Petrochina and Murphy Oil all score poorly in industry risk ranking
Within the first two weeks of April’s Deepwater Horizon oil disaster, $36 billion of BP's market...
09/16/2010 | Read More
BAYOU LA BATRE, AL. -- Cua Huynh sits on the living room floor of her trailer and cries. The 72-...
08/24/2010 | Read More
Louisiana’s predicament is the plight of the entire US, writ large.
by Jason Mark, Earth Island Journal About 7,000 years ago, global sea levels stabilized and the...
08/22/2010 | Read More
100% mortality reported in some oyster beds as operations assess damage
HOUMA, LA.--- A mucky pile of oysters rattles onto a metal table as captain Jesus Zarraga guides...
08/05/2010 | Read More
It is hard to look at the pictures in the following photo essay. They ask hard questions and...
07/29/2010 | Read More
"Too busy" to attend Senate hearing, Hayward says BP was "model of corporate social responsibility"
by Terry Macalister, Guardian BP's attempt to draw a line under its troubles in the US by axing...
07/27/2010 | Read More
Deepwater Horizon crisis takes 'a significant step forward', but critical seal may be prone to continuing leakage
By Ed Pikington, Guardian BP enjoyed the first hint of good news in the 44-day Deepwater...
06/03/2010 | Read More
Clean energy bills and a coming renewable portfolio standard may shake up the state's energy picture
In the six weeks since the Deepwater Horizon oil rig blew up and began spilling untold amounts of...
06/02/2010 | Read More