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A couple of productive storms could go a long way to lessen the impacts of the historic drought. But the outlook remains uncertain, officials say.
The Climate Prediction Center in Camp Springs, Md., will release its updated outlook for the...
08/06/2012 | Read More
Why is there a plan in San Diego to rip out 107 shade trees, when most of the valuable services they provide will be lost?
Rip out mature shade trees and put in palms? That's the debate going on now in sunny San Diego—and...
05/31/2012 | Read More
As extreme weather events multiply, scientists are still in the early stages of understanding how more energy is influencing complex weather phenomena
Despite America's intense political polarization over climate change, the scientific measurement of...
07/29/2011 | Read More
Hub of $15 billion tourism industry, air routes to Latin America and Fortune 500 companies, looking to protect itself
by Heidi Cullen, Climate Central Five years ago last Saturday, Hurricane Katrina tore into...
08/30/2010 | Read More
NOAA-Led Study Looks at the Impact of a Warming Ocean
As Haiti recovers from last week's earthquake and its aftershocks, a group of scientists says the...
01/22/2010 | Read More