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Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

The world's need is for faster, more focused and more targeted research, scientists say, now that certainty of man-made climate change is established.
When a United Nations panel of experts released a report last week affirming that man-made climate...
09/30/2013 | Read More
Steven Running explains link between warming temperatures and the pine beetle explosion and the latest spate of U.S. wildfires.
The fires that are burning throughout the country offer a window into what we can expect in the...
07/03/2012 | Read More
The world's leading science panel studied the link between man-made warming and wild weather for the first time. InsideClimate News examines its results.
Record heat waves, drought, floods, thunderstorms, tornado outbreaks—extreme weather battered much...
11/22/2011 | Read More
New international research shows that sea levels could rise by 5 feet by 2100 from warming — a prediction that is above most past scientific estimates
OSLO, Norway—Quickening climate change in the Arctic including a thaw of Greenland's ice could...
05/03/2011 | Read More
Exclusive interview: Science provides "compelling logic" for decisive progress at UN climate talks, Pachauri says
CANCUN, MEXICO -- Further delay in international action to slow warming would endanger vast numbers...
12/05/2010 | Read More
Climate science remains untarnished, but Pachauri may lose his job at the helm
The Nobel prize-winning UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change must undergo "fundamental"...
08/31/2010 | Read More