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"Nuclear power is an unforgiving technology," says Peter Lam, nuclear safety expert, whose thinking was changed by Japan's disaster.
Peter Lam's resume reflects a lifetime of experience in the nuclear energy industry–including 20...
07/16/2012 | Read More
A rare and powerful grassroots movement of fishermen, farmers, former judges, scientists and bureaucrats is threatening to scuttle nuclear megaprojects.
NEW DELHI, India—When India's central government passed the long-delayed Indo-U.S. nuclear...
10/25/2011 | Read More
A Japanese trade ministry official said his nation would develop wind turbines to use off its Pacific Coast as it rethinks nuclear powerr
Japan will join the race to develop floating wind turbines to use in deepwater off its tsunami-...
09/13/2011 | Read More
The announcement by Germany's biggest utility is adding to concerns about the cost of closing all 17 of the country's nuclear reactors by 2022
The financial effects of the Fukushima nuclear power crisis continued on Wednesday as Germany's E....
08/10/2011 | Read More
Recently discovered undersea deposits of rare earth metals — crucial to new clean energy technologies — could take decades and cost billions to develop
An underwater bonanza of rare earth deposits discovered by Japanese scientists poses little...
07/07/2011 | Read More
During planned outages, NYC handles its electrical needs without Indian Point. But what would happen if the nuclear plant suddenly went dark?
Editor's Note: In this three-part series, SolveClimate News examines the feasibility of closing the...
07/07/2011 | Read More
If PM Naoto Kan's solar rooftop scheme goes ahead, it would create a market for roughly $260 billion of solar panel production and installation
It's an unlikely dream for Japan's beleaguered government but one that the worst nuclear accident...
06/24/2011 | Read More
Fuel rods have probably breached containment vessels — a more serious scenario than core meltdown — according to a new report by Japanese authorities
Molten nuclear fuel in three reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant is likely to have...
06/08/2011 | Read More
A new IAEA report says Tepco ignored tsunami hazard warnings by its own scientists, while urging the nuclear industry to review natural disaster risks
TOKYO, Japan—International nuclear inspectors have criticized the operator of the Fukushima...
06/01/2011 | Read More
Critics of Indian Point say the NYC suburbs are no place for a nuclear plant, while advocates insist the facility is safe, despite having some seismic risk
New York City, the nation's most densely populated county, stands just 24 miles downwind from the...
05/02/2011 | Read More