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Kalamazoo River

Dilbit disaster cleanup in Michigan
Once black with oil, the Kalamazoo River runs clear now. But EPA orders dredging and says it will be years before the spill's long-term effects are known.
The Kalamazoo River near Marshall, Mich. is a place of serenity these days. It ripples lazily past...
Jul 25, 2013 | Read More
It has been three years since an oil pipeline owned by Enbridge Inc. ruptured near Marshall, Mich....
Jul 25, 2013 | Read More
Kayaks on the Kalamazoo River
Tests are being conducted to determine whether some of the oil that remains in the Kalamazoo River has been pushed into previously uncontaminated areas.
Heavy rain that pushed the Kalamazoo River over its banks last month is being factored into the...
May 29, 2013 | Read More
Oil cleanup on the Kalamazoo River.
Enbridge agrees to comply with EPA order to dredge Kalamazoo River. Final cleanup costs could top $1 billion.
If all goes well, the next oil removal operation on Michigan's Kalamazoo River will mark the...
Mar 27, 2013 | Read More
The Dilbit Disaster
Scientists say the 1.3 gallon spill in the lab tank omitted real-world factors that made dilbit sink in Michigan’s million-gallon Kalamazoo River spill.
A recent industry-backed study of diluted bitumen, the Canadian crude oil that would be shipped...
Mar 14, 2013 | Read More
Cleanup workers removing submerged oil.
EPA demands some dredging of Kalamazoo River, but the Canadian company responsible for the million gallon spill is objecting. Clean-up is in its 3rd year.
Two and a half years after the costliest oil pipeline spill in U.S. history, the company...
Jan 28, 2013 | Read More
Worker cleaning up the Kalamazoo River on Aug. 4, 2012.
Enbridge needs to dredge accumulating oil from 100 acres of the river’s bottom, EPA says. The work could take up to a year and cost tens of millions more.
The hidden, long-term effects of the 2010 pipeline accident that spilled more than a million...
Oct 11, 2012 | Read More
Landowner Carol Brimhall
A 2010 oil pipeline spill contaminated Michigan’s Kalamazoo River. Now the line is being replaced, raising the ire of landowners along the route.
The notice that arrived at Debbie and David Hense's home last September didn't seem especially...
Sep 12, 2012 | Read More
Crews replace the ruptured section of the Line 14 pipeline near Grand Marsh, Wis
Enbridge won’t be allowed to reopen the line until it meets demands of federal regulators. Transportation secretary calls accident 'totally unacceptable.'
When Kristin Wettstein spotted a geyser of oil spewing from the ground in a pasture across from her...
Aug 1, 2012 | Read More
Technicians prepare the pipe before removing the ruptured section of 6B.
Weak federal regulations and oversight allowed the company to avoid repairing a known defect that led to the million-gallon pipeline rupture.
WASHINGTON—The most expensive oil pipeline spill in U.S. history could have been prevented if the...
Jul 10, 2012 | Read More