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Keystone XL

Cash-strapped communities say they need Keystone tax revenue for health care and roads, while opponents argue the money will quickly disappear.
Tucked into letters the State Department has received from people seeking to influence its review...
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Refiners are keeping windfall profits from flood of tar sands oil for themselves, undermining a key national interest argument in favor of the Keystone XL.
For nearly two years, refineries in the Midwest have been buying crude oil at steep discounts...
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As the media tries to make sense of Obama's obscure remarks on Keystone, the president becomes both an opponent and supporter of the project.
In a long-awaited, 50-minute speech Tuesday President Obama made clear what his plans are for...
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Tar sands oil poses no greater risk to pipelines, study says, but is mum on question of its relative danger to humans and the environment when spilled.
Diluted bitumen, a controversial form of heavy Canadian oil, poses no more risks to pipelines than...
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New estimate for cost to society of projects like the Keystone XL is up about 66%. Some say it still low-balls today's price for tomorrow's warming.
WASHINGTON—The Obama administration has sharply increased its cost estimates for the global-warming...
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Dozens of "anomalies" — dents and welds — in need of repair on southern leg of Keystone XL thrusts controversial pipeline in the spotlight again.
A Canadian company is repairing dozens of defects along the newly laid southern leg of the Keystone...
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Letter from leading scientists is one of the more striking criticisms of the pipeline to emerge from a docket of more than one million public comments.
WASHINGTON—Dozens of leading scientists in the fields of climate change, public health and ecology...
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As EPA begins posting public comments on the Keystone XL, individual voices emerge. Meet Stu Luttich, who talks about 'aboriginal prairie sod.'
WASHINGTON – Stu Luttich of Geneva, Neb. is just one of the thousands of ordinary Americans who sat...
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House Republicans push through another bill to speed the Keystone project, but with far less bipartisan support.
WASHINGTON – Republicans in the House of Representatives pushed through a bill on Wednesday that...
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Green groups turn away from the political tactics that failed them in the 2009 climate policy fight and join activists voicing opposition in the streets.
As decision day nears on the Keystone XL oil pipeline, the environmental movement looks different...
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